Porcelanato ceramic Slabs

Flexibility, adaptability and originality are concepts perfectly associated with porcellanato ceramic slabs. It is not surprising that these specific slabs are the best possible solution for spaces such as kitchen counters, bathroom furniture, sinks and washbasins, interior and exterior wall coverings, worktop surfaces, fireplace coverings, staircases, furniture, etc., giving you the opportunity to adapt any type of environment to the desired result. The great elegance given by these porcelain stoneware slabs in their different compositions grants to residential and commercial spaces a truly unique and exclusive style.

Non-porous, non-absorbent, easy to clean, with excellent antibacterial properties, resistant to scratching, the use of chemicals, high temperatures and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Porcellanato is available in large Slabs (up to 3240×1630 mm), in a variety of colors and patterns, in different thicknesses and surface finishes.